“You’ll Be OK”

Have you ever had a “Blue day?”  This is when nothing seems to go right, you don’t feel good and there’s no apparent reason why.  Or maybe you’ve been jolted in some way and things are spiraling out of control.  You don’t want to be around anyone, talk to anybody and simply want to be left alone.  Funny (kinda).  I’ve had people say, “Just leave me alone and let me feel bad for a while.”  In a strange kind of way, maybe all of us want or need that type feeling from time to time.  (Can’t believe I just said that).


Anyway – you know what it’s like to be down, discouraged, heartbroken, no one cares about you and for a moment, you don’t care about anyone.  Truth is, you are even trying to hold God to a distance.  Good luck with that because that ‘ain’t gonna’ happen.  He loves you too much!  Just because you aren’t talking to Him, reading your Bible or going to Church doesn’t mean He’s given up on you.  He’s had to deal with situations like this before.  David and the Prophet Elijah are good examples.  They also hit hard times and endured a pity party or two.  They wanted to talk about the “why me” with anyone that would listen.  Many times discouragement follows a major accomplishment.  Elijah had just prayed fire down from Heaven in front of 400 false prophets.  Then he sits under a tree feeling sorry for himself wishing he had never been born.


Maybe you’re feeling far away from God.  That was David’s lot after his horrible sin with Bathsheba.  He cried out to his God pleading, “Restore to me the joy of Thy salvation, and sustain me with a willing spirit” (Psalm 51:12).  He knew there was a previous day when he felt closer to the Lord and he was now missing that relationship.  He felt guilty, dirty and stained, but God heard his cry and answered his prayer.  Elijah (I Kings 18,19) was touched by an Angel of the Lord.  He was told to eat and get some rest and he’d feel better.  Sometimes that’s all we need.  We must always remember God knows our heart.  He understands our situations and whether we need to repent or receive nourishment and rest – He will supply the need if we’ll let Him.  Do you feel close to the Savior today?  Are you walking in harmony with Him step by step?  If not, He’s closer to you than you realize.  If you reach out you can touch Him.  If you call He’ll hear you.  If you’re hurting He’ll give comfort.  If you need to repent of sin, He’ll forgive.  He’s God – AND HE LOVES YOU!!


Pastor Carnes