“Who Helped You?”

For the past several days you’ve been reminded and challenged about the importance of reaching out to encourage another person.  As believers we live by two Great Commandments – “Love God with all our heart, mind and strength” and to “Be a witness to others.”  The Lord explicitly explains the way we love others illustrates our love for Him (John 13:34-35).  I want you to think about something.  If you know Christ as your personal Savior, when did you surrender your life to Him?  Do you remember the circumstances leading up to your prayer of repentance.  You may or may not remember every minute detail, but you do know there was a time and place.  The result of that single prayer started a journey toward life transformation and continues even today.


Something else to think about.  You did not come to Christ by yourself, even if you were alone when you asked Jesus to forgive all your sins.  Who influenced you?  Who prayed for you?  Who was an example in your life that gave you a glimpse of Jesus?  Maybe it was a parent, grandparent. Pastor, friend, Sunday School teacher or work associate.  I read a study some time ago that indicated it was impossible for anyone to come to Christ alone.  At some point in time, someone or something pointed them to the Savior.  You may or may not agree with the last statement, but I am suggesting everyone reading this had someone that helped or encouraged them to put their faith in God.  It’s possible you don’t know who this individual may have been, but you were the subject of someone’s prayer at some point in time.


Where would your life be today if it weren’t for the prayers and Godly influence of someone who cared about you?  You might have rejected their invitations to church or personal prayer time for a while, BUT – they NEVER GAVE UP ON YOU!!  Your life has changed and continues to become more and more like Christ.  SOMEONE helped you!  Someone loved you enough to care!  Someone loved you enough to faithfully pray for you!  There were many that influenced my life before I became a Christian.  The same is likely true of you.  The question is – WHO do you know that is not a born again Christian?  A relative, friend, neighbor?  WHO are you praying for?   WHAT steps are you taking to influence them toward Christ?  Be a friend to them.  Ask God for wisdom and to open doors for you to help that person draw near to Christ.  If everyone needs help getting to Jesus, now is the time for us reach out and help someone.  You can do this!!


Pastor Carnes