“When The Last Door Closes”

We’ve all heard about doors that open and close throughout our life.  When an opportunity presents itself, it’s often referred to as an “Open Door.”  Many times when this “Open Door” comes along, it requires an important decision.  Perhaps even life changing.  Christians often ask their friends to pray with them and if a certain opportunity is God’s will that the door will remain open and if it isn’t, for Him to close it.   We believe when things are virtually impossible, God has the power to make a way, “Open a door” that no one can possibly close and also shut a door that no one can open (Revelation 3:7).


The opening of doors can be exciting, challenging and as mentioned earlier, “life changing.”   We must understand that everyday God gives us the freedom of choice – meaning we can evaluate situations and determine whether we want to participate or not.  In other words, all opportunities are not good.  Just because a “door opens” doesn’t mean it leads to good opportunities and for sure, many lives have been changed because someone walked through a wrong door.  The results in some cases are catastrophic, heartbreaking and destroyed personal relationships.  This is why it’s important to seek Christ when making any major decision.


As we think about the “Opening” and ”Closing” of doors today, this certainly includes our relationship with Jesus.  For many, there was a day you sensed God’s presence and you opened your heart and He came into your life forgiving your sins.  He sought you, perhaps many times, but finally, at a given time and a given place, you took a step of faith and put your life in God’s hands.  God provided an opportunity and you walked through the door.  How thankful you, your friends and loved are, as you all should be.  Salvation is the most important decision of a lifetime as that’s the only one that will determine where you are one hundred or a million years from now. 


One thing every person who does NOT know Christ personally must understand … God opens doors providing us many opportunities to accept Him as Savior, but the day will come “When The LAST Door Closes.”  When your last breath is drawn, your last privilege of choice has vanished.  Do you know Jesus as Savior?  Have you asked Him to forgive your sins and come into your heart and life?  If you are reading this, God is opening a door for you right now!  A simple prayer of repentance begins an eternal relationship with the Lord.  Don’t put this off.   Let me know if you make this decision.


Pastor Carnes