“When Facing Tough Times”

Who could have predicted the things we’d be Facing today twelve months ago?  Or even six months ago?  Jesus warned, “You will have trouble in this world.”  We all have trouble from time to time whether it be in a relationship, illness, career or finances.  But, we are strong and resilient.  Right?  Then COVID hit and basically took the things we most enjoy away.  Very quickly we learned our knowledge, strength and resilience wasn’t as powerful as originally thought.  Now anger, violence and destruction is running rampant in many of our communities and some neighborhood streets.  We’re facing tough times indeed, but God hasn’t forsaken us.  He faithfully gives us hope through His Word.


This week I may be bouncing back and forth between I and II Peter sharing some  great things God wants us to remember when life is difficult.  Peter is one who experienced tough and dangerous times in his personal life.  As his first book was written, Peter was probably in Rome when the persecution of Emperor Nero began.  During this time Christians were being tortured and killed for their faith.  Eventually Peter himself was executed during this persecution.  Before he died however, he gave us lots of great advice on what to do when facing adversity and tough times.


Peter begins by thanking God for his salvation (1:2-6).  He explains to his readers they will face trials, but these trials will refine their faith (v 7-9).  With everything that was going on Peter commanded the people to live holy lives dependent upon God.  To keep their trust and faith in Him.  He challenged them to become like Christ (2:1-3).  When facing “tough times”, Peter reminds us too that “God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him (2 Pet. 1:3).  So here is your fruit to chew on today: “Through these (tough times) He has given us His very GREAT and PRECIOUS promises” (1:4).  As you go through your day and week think about the many promises God has given you.  Meditate on one or two each day and you’ll discover they will give you spiritual strength.  Even during tough times.  Especially during “Tough Times!!”


Pastor Carnes