“What’s On Your Face?”

You can pretty much tell something is going on by the expression on another persons’ face.   You can see happiness, sorrow, fear, uncertainty, pain,  determination, and perhaps other expressions.  The point is, what’s on our face is a billboard for how we are feeling at that particular moment.  It’s one thing for us to notice, but have you ever wondered what God sees on our faces?


Consider the four men in Mark chapter two who carried their paralytic friend up on a roof, cut a hole in it and lowered the man down to Jesus.  When Jesus looked up, the Bible says, “He saw their FAITH” (V5).  When our Lord looks at us in troubling times, does He see discouragement or faith?


Some reading these lines have been fighting a certain battle for a long time.  In fact, the battle seems to have gone from bad to worse.  My friend, DON’T GIVE UP!  Consider the story mentioned above.  These four men were doing a great deed.  They were carrying their friend to Jesus because he couldn’t get there himself.  They heard Jesus was in town, so carrying him to where He was wouldn’t be a problem.  Once arriving however, they couldn’t get inside as the house was packed.  There problem increased, but they were determined and would not be denied.  Up on the roof they go.  Even though the challenge increased, these men were not going to give up.


You are tired and weary.  You’ve prayed and done everything you can think of yet the problem still exists.  DON’T GIVE UP!!  In most cases, your greatest obstacle will come right before a breakthrough or just before victory.  God has equipped you with “can do” power.  You can get through your storm and you will as you acknowledge the Lord as your refuge, strength, power and help in time of need.  Set your face like a flint.  Be determined to accept the challenge of another day and when God looks at you, He will be pleased because He’ll see FAITH on your face.


Pastor Carnes