All men and ladies are invited to attend their respective Bible Study groups Saturday (tomorrow) from 9:00 – 10:30am.  Men meet in the Children’s Building, Ladies in Main Church.  Bring a friend.


Sunday is the beginning of our Christmas services.  Join us at 10:45am for Worship as we learn some life lessons from the people we know best in the Christmas Story.  All children are encouraged to be present for a Christmas Musical rehearsal at 10:45 as well.  This is for all children K – 5th grade, but older ones are invited to participate.


SUNDAY NIGHT (6:00pm) … are you comfortable in sharing your faith with another person or praying with someone?  This is a common fear shared by many.  Join us this Sunday night for a discussion and hand out material developed by Chic Shaver which offers tremendous insight in helping another person spiritually.


OPTIONAL – it’s Christmas time and our church has helped many families in need over the past several years and we want to do it again this year.  Information is on a Christmas Tree in the Worship Center for those wishing to purchase a gift for a child.  Financial donations are also accepted to help those in serious needs during the Christmas Season.  This is entirely optional, but is an available opportunity.



Clarence Nichols is still in the hospital following his brain surgery last week.  It’s hopeful he will be discharged to a rehab center soon where it’s expected he’ll stay 3 weeks before going home.


Jim Werner is expected to go home today and Matt Smeltzer has been recuperating at home following his surgery.  Roy Matthews was to have heart surgery this past Wednesday.  As doctors examined him, they could not see or find the blockages that were present before.  He was discharged and is home.  Karen Grogan has been suffering from a pinched nerve in her leg, but is improving.  Continue praying for Chuck Sayers, Jeanne Haines, Diane Hill, Bob Kutas and Curt Frinkle (Chris Carnes’ brother) as well as those mentioned above.  Thank you for your faithful support.


Pastor Carnes