Watch For Church Service Updates:

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in Georgia than the big, fluffy snowflakes falling this morning?  If you didn’t like it, go get your small child, grandchild or another little one and see how much they hated it!  That said, where I live the snow has stopped, streets clear, but I am concerned about what is coming through the night and what we’ll face in the morning.  There’s already been one suggestion to cancel church tomorrow, but I’ll wait on that awhile. 


Please check your email as an announcement will be sent no later than 9:00pm tonight IF we will adjust or cancel the services.  The forecast is to be above 40 degrees by 10:00am, so even if it’s bad, we might consider cancelling Sunday School, but have our regular Worship Service.  Since we have people that live in many different counties, it will be helpful if you gave me an update in your area before 8:00pm tonight.   Be sure to check your email box before going to bed tonight.  I’ll have an update by 9:00pm.  If you know someone in our church that does not receive emails, please contact them with the latest information.  My major concern is our parking lot.  If the temperature doesn’t rise as expected, it could be very slippery.  Let’s enjoy today and see how it goes.  Watch your emails!!


Pastor Carnes