“We Can’t Forget”

If you are 30 plus years of age and have lived in America all that time, then you remember Tuesday September 11, 2001.  I have had many different concerns and worries in my life, but that horrible day still stands as one of the worst.  You, like everyone else in the country, were glued to your TV or radio wondering what was going to happen next.  Fear gripped our Nation!  Families that weren’t together that morning, did everything possible to gather together ASAP.  I sent a message to our congregation and community in Naperville, IL simply stating, “The doors of the church will be open tonight at 7pm if anyone wants to come and pray.” The church was packed.  There were members of our congregation and many people I’d never seen before.  Many were worried about loved ones in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.  There was also great concern for the future of America.


Today is the 19th Anniversary of the dreadful terrorist attack on our country leaving nearly 3,000 innocent people dead including the 19 terrorists who hijacked the four airplanes. This was the deadliest terrorists attacks on American soil in U.S. history. While we wept and prayed for those who lost loved ones in the Towers, Pentagon and planes, we lost a number of heroes who ran into the burning buildings trying to save lives.  There were also heroes on the plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA keeping it from reaching what many thought was headed to the Capital Building or the Whitehouse in DC.  A phrase was stated I’ll never forget, “They (policemen, firefighters, EMT and others) ran in (the buildings) as others ran out!”


September 11, 2001 was a sad, sad day and one we must never forget.  That single day changed the way we live forever (think airport security as an example).  That day is also one we can look back upon with pride.  PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!  We were grateful for the first responders risking their own lives to save others.  Chills came over me upon hearing our Military was patrolling the skies, waters, and land.  There is so much adversity in our land today, but I shudder thinking where we would be without the brave men and women who put their life on the line for us every single day.  There are bad people in every profession, but the highest percentage are really great people.  I’m proud to be an American and pray for those who protect us every day and their families.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to “Remember” 9/11.  Pray we never experience a day like that again.  Pray for the families who suffered and still suffer.  Pray for our first responders ready to serve in a moments’ notice.  Pray for our National, State and Local leaders.  Pray for your family and your neighbors.  Pray for the future of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that your kids and grandkids can grow up without being afraid.


God Blesses the Nation Whose People Obey Him!!


Pastor Carnes