Some amazing news was received a few minutes ago on the condition of Ed Huff (brother-in-law) of Debbie Craft.  Ed and his family live in Florida.  Last week David had an episode where his heart actually stopped beating.  He spent a few days in a Destin Hospital with his heart working at 10% capacity.  He was eventually airlifted to Emory Hospital in Atlanta with the prognosis being he needed a heart transplant.  A couple nights ago, everyone was shocked when his heart response increased to 65%.  The news today is, that while he is still in very serious condition, doctors feel his heart will recover. 


The major concern now is his brain activity.  Prayers are needed that he will soon show positive signs the doctors are looking for – including waking up as he is still on life support.  Today the family was able to Zoom in and see him.  They were able to speak to him which I believe was for the first time.  The next 3 – 5 days will be extremely critical.  Please continue praying for Ed Huff, his wife Donna, their kids and the rest of the family.  Thank you.


TRACY & CHUCK KENEDY FAMILY – Tracy is a cousin to Linda Klein.  This family lives in New Jersey and a fire completely destroyed their home.  The entire house and all contents are gone.  Thankfully Tracy, Chuck, their children and pets are all safe.  Everything else destroyed.  Please keep them in your prayers.


Thank you for your time and especially praying for these people in desperate need.


Pastor Carnes