“Turn Your Lights On”

One evening, not long ago Chris and I were headed to the Church.  It was pretty dark, but not completely.  As I was driving several cars were approaching in the oncoming lane.  Suddenly a car was upon us and we didn’t see it until the last minute because their headlights were off.  Chris said, “If you see another car coming like that, flash your headlights and maybe they will turn theirs on!”  This is not a unique story as I’m confident you’ve experienced and done the same thing.


As we continued our drive Chris mentioned there’s a spiritual application involved in this illustration.  As we walk with Christ, it’s important we always have our spiritual light on.  It’s not so much that we need it to see, but others need to see us.  Evidently the driver of the other car could see fine, but there was danger because other drivers could not see him.  Think about this a bit.  The Bible teaches us we are salt and light.  What good is salt if it loses its flavor?  It’s worthless and should be thrown out.  Christians are also “the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:13,14).


Salt is a preservative that adds flavor to food.  A light dispels darkness and is warm and attractive.  Both salt and light have  specific purposes and Jesus compares us with each.  If our spiritual light goes out, no one will be drawn to Christ because of us.  Should our light go out, we too will be in darkness.  Someone has said there is absolutely nothing that can replace the taste of salt.  If the flavor diminishes, it is worthless says the scripture.  Interesting the Lord said of His followers – “You are salt and light.”  Your and my life as Christians is essential to share the love of Jesus to others.  Let’s not lose our flavor nor let our light go out.  Should either happen we are spiritually inept, powerless and worthless.


Pastor Carnes