“This Thing Called Faith”

There is really no definition of faith in the Bible; however Hebrews 11:1 gives a description of the faith that pleases God.  The writer says, “Now faith is being SURE of what we hope for…”.  The word SURE is translated “substance” in the KJV, and can be translated as “confidence.”  So, FAITH is what gives us CONFIDENCE in what we hope for as Christians.


Non-believers have five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and feeling).  FAITH is a sixth sense Christians have!  Yesterday I wrote about creation and how God SPOKE it into existence.  We should never be intimidated because we have faith in the creation of the universe.  Whatever a person believes about the origin of the universe, they believe by faith.  It is not a matter of “faith versus knowledge.”  It is a matter of “faith versus faith.”  There were NO human witnesses present at the time of creation.  Therefore, people may believe that it happened this way or that and have some evidence for their theory, but it is still an explanation of faith.


It really boils down to this, it’s a matter of faith in CHANCE versus faith in a CREATOR.  It comes down to one of two equations: “nothing times nothing equals everything” or “God times nothing equals everything.”  Which of these two equations requires the most faith?  Honestly, I don’t have enough faith to believe it all happened by chance.  If you believe God as the creator, than you believe in the existence of God.  If you believe He exists then there is NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING He cannot do in your life.  (More on this tomorrow).


Pastor Carnes