Did you see the snow flurries this morning?  Don’t get to excited as I don’t think you’ll be able to make a snowman today.  However, there is something I want you to get excited about and that is our Worship Services this Sunday.  In the 10:45 morning Worship Hour you can expect great music, warm fellowship and the second in a series of messages on HEAVEN.  Last Sunday you received eleven things the Bible explicitly tells us about Heaven (and there are more).  A question I’m often asked is, “What Happens When A Person Dies?”  That is the subject for this Sunday morning (service can be livestreamed at www.mariettanaz.com) at 10:45.  Invite a friend a join us.


We’ve been going through the Book of Revelation in the Sunday 6:00pm service.  This week we’ll begin with Chapter 4.  Did you know that after Revelation Chapter 3, the Church is never mentioned again until Chapter 19?  Bring your Bible and join us for an interesting discussion.  Our Teens meet at 6:00pm also and our Sunday School Hour begins at 9:30am.  See you all Sunday.



Charelle DeBose – was involved in a hit and run car accident last night.  Spent several hours in the Douglasville Hospital.  Was in shock and is very sore, but tests proved negative.  Was required to wear a neck brace.  She’s was discharged and is home, but will be sore today.  Remember, she is a new mother of only a few weeks.  The person that fled the accident was apprehended by police later that evening.


Steve Kerce, Paul Georgiana, Jo Williamson and Kathy Coleman – all suffering from severe back issues.


Randy Beckwith’s brother – two trees fell on his home in Spartanburg last night.  No one injured, but will be without power for several days.


Pastor Carnes