“The Voice Of God”

Another incredible Sunday Night service was enjoyed last evening as individuals shared different experiences in their lives where they totally believed God spoke them.  One was surprised after taking a job and finding out it was not what he expected.  Not sure of whether to stay or leave he consulted God’s Word.  Did he find a verse or was he led to a verse?  I believe he needed direction from God and as he sought God’s help, the Holy Spirit directed him to the verse needed for the situation. God’s verse said, “I will open a door and no man can shut it.”   Sensing God had led him to this location in the first place, the verse gave him a confirming peace, “This was where he was to be.”  Another person had been experiencing an extremely difficult time in his private life.  Driving to work in tears and with a broken heart, he was calling out to God.  Arriving the parking garage where he worked, the man cried out in desperation, “God I need help!”  He then drove into the garage and his radio which was went into static mode began fading in and out.  As the man continued pouring his heart out to the Lord the static on the radio faded long enough for Charles Stanley’s voice to squeak through with the words, “I will help you!”  Those were the only audible words and the radio was static again.  The man sensed this was God using the words of a radio pastor to tell him he was going to be ok and help was on the way.  The man became ok and God in fact did help him.


The voice of God is not a mystery if you are interested in a conversation with Him.  The Bible says, “If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me.”  Folks, God is not playing hide and seek with you.  He isn’t hiding somewhere making it difficult for you to find Him.  He said, “If you call unto me, I will answer.”  As you go about your personal business on any particular day, do you hear God speaking to you?  Some may believe they’ve never heard the voice of God.  That’s not true.  You may not have heard an audible voice, but you’ve heard His voice in at least one of many different ways.  Have you ever had a desire of becoming a Christian?  Are you a born again Christian now?  In both of those examples God’s voice spoke to you.  You may not realize it, but every Christian became a follower of Jesus because He first reached out to them.


Some reading this may wonder how does God speak.  I would never say He never uses an audible voice although I’ve never heard Him audibly.  He definitely speaks to us through His Word – the Bible.  He speaks to us through His Spirit (the Holy Spirit).  He speaks to us through other people and through circumstances or situations.  He even speaks to us through creation for the Bible says, “The heavens declare His glory” (Psalm 19:1-2).  Do you want to hear God speak to you?  It’s not only possible, I believe He’s speaking to you as you read these lines.  Someone is thinking, “I need direction,” while someone else is crying out, “I need help!”  God is fully aware of your need.  He has the solution to your every problem.  I suggest you find a quiet place, be still – settle yourself.  Just simply say, “Lord I need you.”  Let that thought lead to others as you talk openly and honestly to Him.  God said, “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.”  Our Heavenly Father is more than ready for an open dialog – are you?


Pastor Carnes