“The Power of Salt”

I love salt and more than a few people over the years have given me a hard time about how much of it I eat.  This writing has nothing to do with table salt and it’s taste, but the power within salt itself.  My devotionals often mention the words of Jesus referring to His followers as being the “Salt of the earth.”  That comment was mentioned in a recent writing and my good friend, Pastor Lowell Clyburn, responded with a life story that should benefit all of us.


As a young man he was building homes in a small subdivision.  Three houses were about complete and he was working on the final trim for one of them.  The developer lived in the house next door and told Lowell, “If you ever need electric power just run an extension cord and plug into his carport outlet.  Sure enough, electric was needed but the outlet didn’t work.  Lowell knew where the key to the house was and had permission to enter.  Thinking a breaker had blown, the electric box would be the place to start.  Upon entering the home however, he was greeted with a horrible, raw smell.  The developer had been away for several days and during that time the power had been disconnected to his home.


Investigating the nauseous smell, he found rotted eggs, spoiled meat and other things.  Freezing the meat would preserve it as salt did before refrigeration was invented.  Volumes could be said about the rotting that takes place when there is not enough salt to prohibit the growth of maggots and rotting.  Salt has many great qualities, and according to Jesus, one of them is to preserve society from rotting.  A question to ask is, “If our society is rotting, who is to blame?”  When the power in a home is restored and all the spoiled things trashed, it’s time to clean the freezer and refrigerator.  If you and I truly want to be the SALT Jesus spoke of, maybe we need to check our power source.  Make sure we are plugged into Christ and give Him the freedom to remove all the smelly impurities of our life.  Once this is done, allow Him to cleanse our hearts and energize us with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Not only will we be forgiven and cleansed, but will now serve as a preservative to a desperate society.   Make sure your life is plugged into the right source!


Pastor Carnes