“The Christ Exchange”

Luke chapter 7 tells the story of a woman who crashed a party and wound up anointing the feet of Jesus with perfume.  Some refer to this lady as a prostitute, Jesus simply said, “For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much, but he who is forgiven little, loves little.”  This story exemplifies what Jesus can do and does for every person that comes to Him seeking forgiveness of their sins.  And just to be clear, let me add, there are no sins so great that the Lord cannot forgive.  If you have reached a place of wanting to change the direction of your life, the repentance of your sins is the place to start.  God will forgive you and while there may be consequences to face because of your past, the Lord will give you a brand new start.  You are “Born  Again.”  From that moment onward, you’ll never face anything alone again.


Let’s go back to the woman in our story.  A “sinner,” so she was described.  There must have been an act of confession and the expression to her Savior was to anoint His feet with expensive perfume.   Whatever her former life was, had been exchanged and she now had the capacity to love.  She obviously had realized the depth of her sin and how completely and how deeply she had experienced forgiveness.


Following forgiveness of her sin, this lady had the burden and guilt of a sinful past lifted.  For all her life she had been in bondage and controlled by her sin, but now she was set free.  But that’s not all she received.  Jesus said to her, “Your faith has saved you, go into peace.”  Think about that.  A woman of poor reputation and lifestyle, now forgiven by Christ of everything she had ever done wrong was now able to love people, have the guilt and shame of her life removed from a sinful heart and replaced with peace.  She now had the ability to love,  experience joy, and inner peace.  Pretty good exchange wouldn’t you say?  Here’s the Good News.  What this lady received from Jesus is available to and for you.  Whatever you are looking for, believing it will bring purpose to your life, will be found in Jesus Christ.  He’s available and ready to take all your sins and exchange them for love, joy and peace.  Why wait?  Call upon Him now.


Pastor Carnes