“Take Off Your Mask”

Today is Halloween and I’m not writing for your thoughts and opinions of this day as they will be varied.  One thing we all know for sure is that children all over the country will be dressing up as Cinderella, their favorite Superhero, singer or maybe even pull on a “Big Bad Wolf” mask.  Personally I enjoy Halloween because children do.  As parents or grandparents, my guess is most of us participated in a “Trunk or Treat” activity in some fashion.  Do you remember what you dressed up as?  Have you ever seriously wondered why you wanted to be that person or thing?


Now that you’re thinking about dressing up or disguising yourself as something or someone you weren’t, my question is, “What invisible mask do you wear every day?”  For example, do you act differently at church or with Christian friends than you do at work?  When you are out with the “boys” or “girls?”  Satan is a master at trickery.  He will convince you to be someone at home, yet be so much different away from the house.  You may do things in private that you’d be embarrassed if anyone found out.  For example, it is alarming to read survey results that a high percentage of “Christian” men look at pornography several times a week.  That’s only one example.


If you have children, I really hope you have a fun filled Halloween and your kids are happy whether you choose to participate in an activity or not.  A more serious question is,  “What mask are you wearing on a daily basis in an attempt to cover up the real you?  Do you gossip to be accepted?  Lie to cover things you did wrong or got caught doing?  Do a number of different things trying to impress your friends or co-workers?  God sent His Son to set us free.  You and I do not have to pretend to be someone we are not.  We have been blessed with gifts and abilities unique to us.  God wired us and made us a certain way.  Take off your mask – make a fresh and new commitment to Christ, determined to let His Spirit guide you in everything you do.  You are special in God’s sight and when you start living as He wants you to live, others will realize that too.  Simply put – JUST BE YOU!  That’s who people will love and respect.


Pastor Carnes