This Sunday morning (10:45) we’ll continue the short series of messages on the Church.  This week the topic is, “What Good Is The Church?” or more specifically, “What Makes God’s Church Different” than any other organization?  Hint: IT’S YOU!!  So you better come find out the what’s, why’s and how’s that make you different.  Bible Classes (Sunday School) begin at 9:30 with coffee and donuts ready by 9:00.  It’ll be a great morning.  You can also sign up for the Chic Shaver “Witnessing Without Fear” Sunday School Class that will begin February 17th and run for four Sunday’s.  We’ll have a 6:00pm service this Sunday night.



JEANNE GIBSON…recent loss of husband.


Becky MacClearn’s daughter YVETTE, received a kidney transplant five years ago.  Her body has started to reject the kidney which at this point is very serious.  After five years, it’s called a late stage rejection and very difficult if even possible reverse.  Please pray for Yvette and the MacLearn family.  They are trying two different type treatments at this time.


SCOTT LIMBACK…wife of Easter, had a serious heart attack a couple days ago.  He has received a stent and is recovering, but still is the ICU.  Pray for Scott and Easter who continues to wait for a kidney transplant.


JO WILLIAMSON…having some good days with her back pain, but praying for total healing.


PATRICK…the little newborn in a New York hospital that is showing small signs of improvement.  Parents and grandparents appreciative of your thoughts and prayers.


Several UNSPOKEN requests.  Thanks everyone!!


Pastor Carnes