Today is Friday which means the weekend is almost here.  Start your Saturday off with some inspiration by watching the Men’s and Ladies ZOOM meetings.  Times are listed below.  Sunday is also going to be a great morning with a Sunday School lesson by Rocky Joyner and morning message by Youth Pastor Matt Waldrep.  Service times are listed below.  Sign up and find the Zoom meetings as Sunday services at www.mariettanaz.com.   A Prayer Conference Call will be held Wednesday July 1, at 7:00pm.  Phone number on website as well.



9:00am – Men’s ZOOM meeting led by Len Empie

10:00am – Ladies Zoom meeting led by Ann Joyner



9:30am – Sunday School taught by Rocky Joyner – “A Person With Passion” (Nehemiah 1:1-18)

11:00am – Morning Worship Service led by Ann Joyner, Matt Waldrep speaking



Skip Jasper is the loss of his father Clarence this week.  The funeral is next Tuesday.  Please pray for Ebony and Lyric Nichols and London Jasper and Clarence was their grandfather.  Clarence actually raised Ebony.


Gretchen … Sharon’s Hodnett’s daughter.  Having re-construction surgery today at 1:30 (2:30 our time).  If everything goes well she may be able to return to work July 1st.


Beverly Frinkle … very weak and non-responsive, but still with us


Curt Frinkle … has returned to the hospital


Mary Nell Boling, Bob Kutas, Heather Fletcher, Mary (Loyce Kompar’s daughter), breathing problems are back again.  Result of COVID, Linda Klein, Kathy Coleman, Gloria Pennell, Bryan Chandler (friend of Mona & Carl Walker) stage 4 cancer, Caryl (Charlotte Stafford’s daughter), Ria Vlok (friend of Marlynn Streetman) ill and recently lost husband, Tem & DeeDee Frierson, Tem’s Dad and friend Mark Stoss, our Nation and leaders.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL SUPPORT.


Pastor Carnes