I hope you are as excited about tomorrow’s services as I am!!  Many of you will be joining us in person for the 11:00am Worship Service and to those who aren’t quite ready to return yet, be sure to Livestream the Sunday School Hour with Rocky Joyner at 9:30am (Lesson “The Experience of Rest” – Psalm 37: 1-11) and the 11:00am Worship Service.  Go to www.mariettanaz.com and follow the prompts.  Tomorrow I’m speaking from Nehemiah chapter 4 on the subject of, “When You are So Discouraged You Are Ready To Quit.”  We continue to go through a period of time most people have never witnessed.  It’s easy to become discouraged.  It’s totally understood the reasons some folks don’t want to be around a crowd or even leave their house except for necessities.  Let me encourage you though, keep doing the right things.  Don’t even think about reading the Bible or having your prayer time later.  Set a time and stick to a schedule the best you can.  You might not be able to watch the SS Lesson or Worship Service when they are in progress, but discipline yourself to watch later.  Stick to a regular schedule on Sunday regarding these services.  It might be easy to say, I can watch them anytime.  Satan will love messing up your intentions with busyness.  Don’t get out of the routine of doing good and right things.  More on this in the morning.  Tune in!



Rocky Joyner – has a high school friend in Brunswick Hospital suffering from a very serious liver issue.

    Rocky also has a work associate whose father is very ill and doctors have been troubled finding a


Sandee Chandler – requests prayer for her cousin Daniel who is a Police Officer in Va.  Pray for his family as well.

       Sandee’s cousin Jim has just been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.


Yvette – daughter Becky MacLearn.  Critically ill and in an Az hospital.


George Clark – recuperating from a dislocated shoulder.


Re-opening of our schools – some opening doors, others virtually and some a combination.  Pray for safety of students, teachers, all school employees.


Heather Fletcher – pray for Heather as she continues treatment for stage 4 cancer.  She has been cleared from this twice and treatments now are preventative measures.  God has done amazing things with Heather over the past couple years and she has reached out to cancer patients all over the country.  This past week she set up a personal social media account strictly for cancer patients.  She has put herself in a position to encourage these suffering patients with many fearing for their life.  Her post is called, “God During Cancer”.  Heather’s desire is to dialogue with these people, offer encouragement, prayer, support and ultimately lead the unsaved to Christ.  After setting up the Post, she had over 50 cancer patients sign up in less than a 24 hour period.  This is an incredible ministry and I ask you to join me in praying for Heather as she uses her experience and faith in Christ to help others.   If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, contact Heather at flsfriday@gmail.com for more information.


Bob Kutas, Gloria Pennell, Diane Hill, Natalie Matthews, Mary Nell Boling, Mike Boling, Hildreth Kenerly, Charlotte Stafford’s daughter, Tem Frierson’s father, Ron Katis, Chuck Sayers, Pat Weyraugh, Pastor Clyburn – on oxygen now 24 hours a day and blood count low.


Jack Cady – a good friend and friend of our church who lost his Mother last Sunday.


Pray for a personal Revival – a Revival in our Church, Community and Worldwide.   You’ll hear more about this tomorrow.  Also set aside the dates of August 21 – 23 as we’ll be having special Revival Services with our District Superintendent and wife, Kyle and Julie Poole.  Services Friday and Saturday at 7pm, Sunday 11am.  Join us in person or watch via Livestream.


Pastor Carnes