“Stand Firm”

Doing the right thing these days isn’t always easy.  Maybe it’s because we are surrounded by so much evil.  Over time, bad things have crept upon us.  At first they came silently and we were unaware we were being invaded upon.  Eventually, when these things were noticed, we’d say or think, “Well, it really isn’t that bad and no one will be hurt by it.”  A simple example of this would be telling a fib.  This is implying a “fib” or “exaggeration” is not the same as a lie.  It’s not uncommon to hear pure filth come out of the mouths of some people today.  These same individuals often have no tolerance for the same words directed at them coming from another person.  Maybe this can be described as the frog in a kettle with the water warming over a period of time.  He doesn’t realize he’s in hot water until it’s too late.  As a child of God, we can do better.  God expects us to do better.  Those around us NEED us to be better!! 


God wants His followers to be consistent.  I don’t believe He expects perfection, but He does expect devotion and our best effort.  As believers, we must always remember, “God is on our side.”  He is always interceding for us.  He is always helping us.  He is always leading and directing us, but we must be willing to follow Him.  Paul wrote in Philippians, “For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure” (2:13).  This means the Lord is working in and through us not just to please Him, but to make a difference in the lives of others.  If you and I were jerked out of this world, would we leave a noticeable hole?  Would anyone miss our Godly influence?


God made us to be different than those in the world.  He made us to stand firm and to live a life holy and acceptable in His sight.  This isn’t just a whimsical request – it’s so important we be strong in our faith that He equips us with everything we need to do just that.  You may feel like you’re a small fish in the ocean, but you are the person God made you to be.  Every one of us has a responsibility to stand strong for Christ and His righteousness.  If you are lifting up Jesus in your life, then you are doing more than you probably realize.  People are taking notice.  We live in a dark world and as born again Christians our task is to unashamedly let our spiritual light shine.  Our light shines the brightest when we put others first.  We represent Christ best when our actions display what we say we are and believe.  Let’s decide right now that today, I will take time to thank God for the work He is doing in me and will look for ways I work for His good pleasure by being a blessing to others.


Pastor Carnes