“Spiritual Exam”

I’m extremely grateful, yet amazed with the advancement of medical technology over the years.  We are truly blessed to live in a land with the sharpest minds, skill sets and medicine to help us with diseases and injuries.  The things doctors, technicians and nurses do for the welfare of their patients is mindboggling, yet deeply appreciative.


Cardiologists and other specialists use complex instruments to look at the deepest regions of ones’ heart, lungs, kidneys, brain or other areas of the body to diagnose a problem, then establish a plan to fix it.  Again, how thankful each one of us should be for the care available to us today.  These highly trained people aren’t perfect, but where would we be without them?


A surface exam is inadequate to diagnose and treat a life-threatening disease.  The doctors must probe deeper.  Likewise, the Old Testament laws were great for understanding surface problems, but Jesus probes deeper into a persons’ life.  The commandment says, “Thou shalt not murder.”  Jesus doesn’t abolish that law, but goes to the attitude of the individual.  He actually says, “the attitude” is the equivalent of the literal act in the eyes of a Holy God.  In a biopsy a physician cuts out a piece of tissue and removes it from the body for examination.  God “biopsies” our heart attitude toward Him because the way we regard Him determines how we regard everyone else.  When your attitude toward God is right, you not only fulfill the Law, you are pleasing in His sight.  Allow His Spirit to deeply exam your heart today.  Your love and attitude toward God dictates your love and attitude toward others.  As the surgeon removes the diseased part from our body, so God removes the evil within us, replacing it with the power of His love and grace.


Pastor Carnes