“Some People I Met”

My deepest respect goes to anyone that chooses not to celebrate or participate in Halloween activities.  I like it because (in my opinion) it appears to be the happiest time for families!  I love to watch cars drive into the parking lot of our Church and notice little eyes beaming from the backseat as children gaze across the Pumpkin Patch.  The car stops, the doors fly open and kids RUN to the Patch far ahead of their parents attempting to keep up.  Cameras and phones are constantly in use as pictures are taken of one another and total families.  Everyone has big smiles and the conversation is exciting and pleasant.  People, young and old give the appearance of really being happy to just be together.


In a way, it’s a bit sad to think that a pumpkin is responsible for bringing the family outing together.  You’d think Christmas would be the happiest time of the year.  For some people it is, but December is the leading month for domestic violence, so there’s a lot of unhappiness around Christmas.  Now that’s really sad!  My point is, I enjoy watching families and friends walk through the Patch laughing, joking and enjoying one another’s company.  The Pumpkin Patch for 2018 is pretty well over – except for a few small pumpkins, we’re out. 


I stopped by a bank on the way home Tuesday evening.  The Branch Manager knows me quite well and asked about our pumpkins.  She introduced me to a young lady getting married this Saturday who would like some additional Fall features for the reception.  I promised to help her out with the little pumpkins in the morning.  Pumpkins – really weird isn’t it – what God can use to bring total strangers together.


A couple weeks ago I met a gentleman that was a Navy Veteran.  He served his country for many years and fought in a war.  After being shot in the mouth, he was unconscious and not expected to live and also sustained a mutilating leg injury.  In his words, “I was in really bad shape, but God had other plans.”  The man woke up, but his family was told he would be a vegetable.  Once that was proven wrong, he was informed his leg was so bad, he’d never walk.  Well, God did have other plans and we were walking the Church grounds together.   He is totally recovered from all injuries!  A lady brought her 4 year old daughter and told me her story as the little one skipped around the pumpkins.  She said I was told as a young girl I was barren and would never have children.  I prayed and always believed one day I would become a mother.  She had been married for several years and the story was the same – never would she have a child.  At the age of 40 God blessed her with a beautiful little girl.  Another woman stopped by Tuesday saying, “I know I should have been here days ago, but I didn’t want to leave my husband as he is on Hospice care.  I came today because I want to decorate my porch for the kids when they come Trick or Treating.” Within 30 minutes I was speaking with another lady who asked me to write her check out (for pumpkins) and she’d sign it.  She had trouble writing because she suffered a stroke two years going through heart surgery.  This lady, probably 40 something, has a husband and three teenagers.  We had a great conversation and she is doing terrific.  I assured her she’s doing better than she thinks.  And she is!  All to God’s glory!!  So what’s in this for you?  It doesn’t have to be Halloween, but don’t wait for a major holiday either to have FAMILY TIME.  Do something with your kids!  Build memories they will never forget and make sure it’s something where everyone laughs!!  For that individual reading this and life is tough.  The people I met and wrote about had a couple things in common.  They all had a great need – bigger than themselves and bigger than doctors and medicine.  But, they were determined to not give up and battle with everything within them.  They did everything they possible could and put their trust in God for salvation and believed He would do what they could not do for themselves.  So I’ll say to you – don’t give up.  Keep battling! With everything you have keep fighting and believe God will do what you cannot do for yourself.  There is NOTHING – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HE CANNOT DO!


Pastor Carnes