Some prayer requests came in yesterday after an email had been sent out.  Here are three that need our prayers today.  Thanks.


PHILIP – a 5 year old boy who lives in Ohio with his parents. This family is close friends with Kelly and Dan Kerr.  Several masses were found in the little boy’s body Friday morning.  Several tests were run throughout the day.  Results won’t be back until Monday, but doctors are suspecting cancer and actually have plans to start chemo today.  Keep this little guy, his parents (only child) and the Kerr’s in your prayers.


ROBYN ISSAC – request from a Devotional Family member.  Robyn had Colon surgery on Friday.  Has a son at home who also needs her attention.


DOUG MILLS – had a heart cath earlier this week and may have received a stint.


JOEL HILL – Devotional Family member in California.  Appreciates the prayers for his marriage and things are improving.



  • Parents – if you have child 3 yrs and under, send some photo’s or video to Brian Converse today at brianconverse@yahoo.com.  Baby Day is tomorrow.  Hope to see you in 11:00am service.
  • FISH/CHICKEN FRY – Come as early as 4:00pm tomorrow afternoon.  Held at the Church Pavilion.  Dinner will be ready at 5:00pm.  Bring a side dish and a dessert to pass (own beverage if you don’t like lemonade or tea).  Everything else furnished.  Might consider bringing a lawn chair.   Please let us know if you’re coming by RSVP to this email.  Just hit reply and let me know how many.  We have quite a few already, but the cooks want to be sure to make enough food.


Pastor Carnes