For a little over five years now I’ve hit the “send” button on my computer between midnight and 6:00am sending out a devotional.  Except for one week when they were not sent intentionally and a few computer malfunctions, these devotions have gone out.  I confess again, each day as I pray over what to write, I still wonder if anyone will be helped in some way.  That is my number one goal and hope.  The following is a portion of a response sent to me from one of our readers.  I have never met this man, but he encouraged me with a response to a devotional and how God is helping him.  I believe it will provide you with some great insight.  Here are his words:


“Recently, I’ve really been discouraged at work and have been struggling to find joy in my job.  A few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to start looking for reasons to be glad at work.  A close co-worker then told me he had just been diagnosed with cancer.  I immediately asked him, ‘Can I pray with you?’  A few days later, a second co-worker was telling me how he had just lost a friend and was about to lose another to illness.  Though he said it in ‘a matter of fact way’, I thought he must be crying inside.   Asking if I could pray for him right then he said he’d appreciate it.  He was weeping when we finished the prayer.


I didn’t expect to start praying for and with co-workers as part of my journey to find joy, but now it is becoming almost a daily routine.  I’m surprised that when you ask, ‘Can I pray with you, people enthusiastically say, ‘Yes!’”


I want to thank this individual for allowing me to share parts of his spiritual journey with you.  I’ve never met this man, but it’s obvious God is using Him to touch the lives of others and in turn, receiving a personal blessing.  Isaiah tells us, “God’s Word will not return to Him void” (55:11).  When we are mindful of and obedient to the scriptures, blessings always come our way.  Who can you encourage today?  What can you do to let someone know they aren’t alone and that God loves them?  If we will be sensitive by watching and listening, God will put someone in our path to help.  By doing so will bring spiritual encouragement to ourselves.


Pastor Carnes