“Second Chances”

Cody Parkey was simply known around the National Football League as a placekicker for the Chicago Bears.  Between last Sunday evening and Monday morning he was a household name being mentioned on most local and national TV and radio stations in the land.  In case you haven’t heard, his notoriety increased when he missed a game winning field goal at the end of the Chicago Bears/Philadelphia Eagles playoff game Sunday.  His kick was close enough to hit the upright of the goalpost, but it bounced back onto the field.  If it goes through the uprights, Bears win, but it didn’t, Bears lose!  


For Bears fans this was a tough and disappointing loss to what had been a quite spectacular season.  Poor Mr. Parkey!  No one felt or feels worse than he does. I feel sorry for him.  No doubt he feels like a failure.  He let his team town.  He has disappointed the City of Chicago and Bears fans across the country.  The reality of course is, he didn’t lose the game by himself.  He actually had scored half their points on the kicks he had made.  But, he’ll be remembered by the one that missed.


Have you ever messed up?  Let someone down?  Disappointed anyone?  Felt like a big flop or failure?  Reached a place where there’s no way back?  I have good news for you!  Actually great news!!  We are having revival services in our church  this week.  Dr. Chic Shaver is the speaker and he is giving simple, but powerful messages on God’s love, forgiveness, restoration, peace and reconciliation.  In short, he’s sharing how God NEVER gives up on anyone.  He is a God of a first chance, but also a God of a second, third or however many chances it takes to make things right.  Cody Parkey would love to try that kick again.  His missed field goal has nothing to do with eternity, but maybe your mess up does.  Would you like another chance to make it right?  God is able, willing and anxious to provide you that opportunity.  The choice is yours!!  (Watch for another email about tonight’s revival service).


Pastor Carnes