“Sanctification Is A Process”

Every new born baby needs love, support and care.  Why?  Because the little child is helpless.  He is incapable of surviving without assistance.  The point is, everyone loves to see a newborn baby and in amazement watch that tiny body grow, a personality and mind develop to self- independence.  We all want that – we expect that.  There is great concern if that does not happen.  Physical, mental and emotional growth is an expected process.


What happens in the physical life can be said about the spiritual life of a person.  We get excited over the news of someone coming to know Christ as Savior.  We must remember, while that person may be an adult physically and mentally, they are a new babe in Christ.  They need love, care, guidance and encouragement.  The spiritual life (like the physical) is a process.  Without the proper food and nourishment, if they do survive, it’s probable they will grow becoming a spiritual weakling.


God is our Father and He wants His children to develop and be strong in faith.  Psalm 24:3-4 says, “Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord?  And who may stand in His holy place?  He who has clean hands and a pure heart…”  Are your hands clean?  Is your heart pure?  Salvation comes the moment you ask Jesus to forgive your sins.  In that instant, your spiritual life is born and growth begins (even if you don’t realize it).  As one grows, they learn about Christ.  Who He is, His attributes and characteristics.  There comes a desire to be like Him and to act like Him in a sinful world.  With a desire to be like Him there is a willingness to submit oneself totally and completely to His will.  Believers learn He will fill their heart with His power when surrendered completely to Him.  This is called sanctification.  It’s a big word, but don’t be afraid of it.  Embrace it, trust it, experience it.  The word simply means to be “set apart.”  By no means is anyone perfect, but they are cleansed and made holy with a desire to honor God giving Him first place in their life.  Does this describe you?  If not, begin today to reach toward higher ground.  Don’t be satisfied with the plateau you are living on right now.  A life of adventure walking with the Lord is available as you continue to grow.  Don’t forget … this growth is a process, but proper nourishment is essential for spiritual growth.


Pastor Carnes