This is a follow-up to todays devotional on “Second Chances.”  In our 7:00pm Revival Service tonight, Dr. Chic Shaver is going to speak on “People, Sex, and God.”  The world has their view of such things, but Dr. Shaver will give  the Biblical perspective.  His message will include: What’s Right With Sex – What’s Wrong With Sex and How To Tell The Difference.  While we are praying for our teens along these lines, this is a message for EVERYONE!!  Do whatever you need to do to attend this service and bring someone with you if at all possible.


Along with the subject above, other topics will be addressed such as:  Dating – How to protect yourself on a date – Marriage – Seven conditions – Selecting the right person to marry – Divorce – the Sins of Adultery – Immorality – Homosexual Practice – Forgiveness.  New beginnings, A Second Chance and A New Life.  There are lots and lots of voices in the world with a variety of opinions.  Join us tonight and at least learn what God has to say on these topics that are very controversial in our society. 


Wednesday night will be our final special service at 7:00pm with Dr. Shaver sharing how he came to know Christ.  You will enjoy his warm, accepting, non-judgmental yet powerful preaching. The services will be a blessing to you and your guests.  Hope to see you tonight. 


Services are held at:  Marietta First Church of the Nazarene 4341 Dallas Highway; Marietta, Ga.


Pastor Carnes