Just a quick reminder that our Wednesday and Sunday evening services are cancelled until further notice.  Two services are provided every Sunday Morning and can be watched via LIVESTREAM at www.marittanaz.com/live.  Those services are as follows:

9:45am – BIBLE LESSON taught by Rocky Joyner (please note this is a 15 minute later start than normal).  The MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE begins at 10:45am with music and message.  This Sunday morning I’ll be speaking on “OUR FOUNDATION” which consists of God never wanting us to forget His presence, power, protection or promises.  As you check in on family and friends, take the opportunity to encourage them to tune in to these services.  Both will be helpful and encouraging as we walk this present road of uncertainty together.  Keep in mind, church doors are closed, but the financial needs of every church still must be met.  Several options are available to give to the Marietta First Church of the Nazarene online.  Go to, www.mariettanaz.com and click “Give” at top of the Home Page or www.mariettanaz/give


This email is going across the country, so many receiving it attend a church in their community.   Remember the financial needs of your own church.  Find out how you can support it electronically or by some other means.  We are in this thing together and we will make it through triumphantly as we stay focused on Christ.  Continue to pray and support one another.


Pastor Carnes





  • The church (small “c”) buildings are closed, but the Church (capital “C”) is vitally ALIVE!
  • Pray for one another –check in on at least 5 people or families (social media/phone) a day.
  • Pray for doctors, nurses, all medical staff, first responders, police and firefighters.  Everyone that is dealing with those who have contacted the virus.
  • Pray for our President, his advisors, those working around the clock to find an answer to the virus and that it will come sooner than anticipated.
  • Pray for those who have lost work and be willing to assist however we can.
  • Take advantage of being at home with your family.  Talk with one another – play games – pray together.  This can be a terrific time for family bonding.
  • People are anxious and some afraid.  Many will look to the Church (Christians) for assurance that everything is going to be OK.  We may not have the answer to this disease, but we know Who does.  You have the power to offer words of encouragement.