I think it’s a good idea to always have something in front of you reminding you of God’s grace.  It might not be before your eyes 24/7, but it is something you see once or twice on most days.  Whatever this might be, it makes you think of God.  Maybe it’s a family Bible, a religious picture, perhaps a family picture or something that brings special memories.  As you look at it, there’s something about that object that automatically connects you with God.


I have several things.  Pictures of my family, especially my grandkids.  Then there’s our bedroom which has one wall connected to the back deck and is mostly glass.  I can lay in bed at night and literally watch planes going to and coming from Hartsfield Airport.  Better yet, I can see the stars and often I’ll walk out on the deck in the middle of the night and it’s not unusual to see the big dipper.  I don’t remember that ever happening without thinking of the power and majesty of our God.  If I need a personal reminder of God’s goodness to me, all I have to do is place my hand slightly above my right hip.  There I’ll feel a hollow area where years ago doctors removed part of my hip bone and the muscles around it.  They told me then I may never walk again and when doctors see it today they are shocked that I can even stand, let alone walk.  It’s all to HIS glory and all because of HIM!!  It’s a GREAT reminder to me of His amazing grace.


What do you see on a regular basis that reminds you of God?  Is there something in your home, office, car or on your person that brings you encouragement over and over on a daily basis?  These are things which remind you of God’s presence, power, and favor upon your life.  While on this subject, is there anything laying out in the open that people who enter your home may see?  You never know, it’s something so simple which may start a conversation with a non-Christian that just may sow a spiritual seed.  May the Lord richly bless you today and may you be a blessing to someone else.  Finally, when you’re having a rough day, go and look at the “Reminder of God” you thought about as you read these lines.  As you view the object, consider why it is so significant and thank God for it.  In doing so, that little exercise will take your mind off yourself and your problems because you are focusing upon Him.  What He has done in days past, He can do for you again.


Pastor Carnes