“Remember The Lord’s Presence”

When life gets turned upside down and the storm waves look like they will continue forever, things can become very scary.  Of course the worst nightmare is facing any situation that may threaten a life or relationship and you cannot control the outcome.  We’ve all been there and at some point we’ll be there again.  Someone reading these lines today is at wits end and feeling desperate.  You’re crying out, “Where’s God? Doesn’t He hear me?  Does He even care?” 


Let me assure you, YES, God hears you and He definitely cares about you.  The Lord warned us, “We would have trouble in the world,” but added, “I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). My advice to everyone, especially when facing very difficult times is “REMEMBER the Lord’s Presence.”  Peter wrote, “Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (I Peter 5:8).  So, Jesus said we’d face troubles and Peter tells us Satan is looking for anyone to destroy.  Let me remind you, the closer you are to the Lord the greater his appetite is to defeat and destroy you.  Why?  Think about this.  Of what benefit would it be for him to defeat or destroy a known sinner or someone who openly rejects God?  That person is already lost.  But if Satan can defeat a Christian, more often than not there is a domino effect…if you fall it’s very possible someone close to you will also lose heart and fall.  Don’t let that happen.  So, what should you do?


Again, “Remember the Lord’s Presence.”  His presence is “present tense.”  He is always with us and has promised never to leave us.  It’s important to know that God is with you in EVERY situation, good or bad!  The Apostle Paul when writing to Timothy referred to the many times he was persecuted for preaching the gospel.  Then he added this, “Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them” 2 Timothy 3:11).  It’s interesting that Paul said, “I was delivered from the lion’s mouth” (2 Tim. 4:17).  As far as we know Paul was never face to face with a lion.  You probably have not faced one either and most likely never will.  What Paul was saying is, “Satan sought to devour (destroy) me many, many times, but God was ALWAYS with me!”  Friend, you may feel alone – but you aren’t.  The situation before you is impossible for you, but not for the One you serve.  Keep your eyes upon God – know His presence is with you and trust Him as He leads you through this crisis.  Once on the other side you’ll look back and realize “He was right there with you all the time!”


Pastor Carnes