“Recovery Time”

Following surgery a person is placed in a recovery room until they wake up from the anesthetics.  When one breaks a bone or comes down with an illness there is a “recovery” time.  I’m always interested in and do my best to challenge people toward personal spiritual growth.  There are various methods of checking our growth, but I want to share one today I’m not sure of hearing anyone else talk about. 


Everyone will agree we live in an evil world and Satan is alive and well.  He seeks to devour and destroy anyone and everyone he possibly can.  YOU are on his menu, especially if you are sincerely trying to walk with God.  He (Satan) doesn’t like that and will attempt to stop you any way he can and one of those avenues is through discouragement.  If he can get you to question your salvation and relationship with God, in all actuality, he doesn’t have to do much more.  Here’s something I want you to seriously consider today.  When you mess up (commit a sin) how long does it take you to recover?  Let me explain what I mean.


I’ve known people over the years with a vicious temper attached to a short fuse.  It didn’t take much to set these individuals off and when they fired up – look out!!  Most of those people did not like their behavior but would say, “I just can’t help it!”  They tried to change, but to no avail.  They’d blow up at their spouse, kids, work associates, anyone that crossed them.  Hard to believe, but I’ve known some who admitted they became very angry a dozen or more times a week.  But then – they met Jesus!!!  Some were changed instantaneously, but others not so much.  They still had that anger habit that showed itself when they were offended.  But after a blow-up, as a Christian this meant an apology was in order.  Those 12 or so blowups soon dwindled to 5 or 6.  The fury of their wrath also wasn’t as severe.  In time the outbursts lessoned until they, with the help of the Holy Spirit, were able to keep themselves under control.  This is a way of measuring spiritual growth.  When there is a breakdown, how long does it take to get back on track?


Are there areas of your life that are out of control?  Are there things you used to do all the time, but now not as much?  Cursing, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gambling, sex, are all addictive forces, but can be broken by the power of God’s Spirit.  Please do not take this as a license to continue something sinful just because you don’t do it as often.  My point is, you are “recovering.”  Truth be known, we all are recovering from something because we’re all sinners, but as Christians, we’ve been saved by grace.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t let Satan rob you of your victories or discourage you from a temporary downfall.  God is on your side and remember this, “Greater is He that is within you, than he (Satan) that is in the world”  (I John 4:4).


Pastor Carnes