“Recipe for Success” Pt 2/2:

Have you reached a good conclusion in your brain what it is that makes you successful?  Too many times we look at others and wish we had what they had or could do what they do.  Webster defines success as the “accomplishing an aim or purpose.”  It also includes achieving, “wealth, fame or respect.”  Here’s a question, “What if a person is doing something wrong (and they know it), but they accomplish their goal?”  Are they successful?  Personally, I’d rather a person strive to do the right things and fail, than do wrong and succeed.  I’ll let you mull around in your mind what success is or isn’t again today.  The Bible tells of a person we thought was a real loser, but we read about him today with admiration.  In fact, the legacy of this person is that he wrote a book filled with warnings about the day we’re living in right now. 

Many of us were emotionally charged when Peter promised the Lord he would die before ever leaving Him like all the other disciples did.  Then we cringed as Peter denied Jesus three times in one night.  But we know this isn’t the end of the story.  After the resurrection, Peter and Jesus have a talk and their relationship becomes stronger than ever.  So much so, Peter is the one who preaches the message on Pentecost Sunday and 3,000 people are saved.  That’s amazing is it not!!  Way to go Peter!!  We love the story.  Here’s a man everyone thinks is doomed, but in reality, the story line is more about God than Peter.  God never gave up on Peter.  God made Himself available to Peter just in case he wanted to repent.  I believe when Peter heard the rooster crow after his third denial, he was ashamed and felt he blew his chances with the Lord for a lifetime.

Success!  You claim or denounce it any way that makes sense to you.  However, if you are in a ditch or gutter somewhere today feeling sorry for yourself because of past sins and unwise choices, I’m screaming at you today with these words.  LOOK UP!  Wipe the tears from your eyes and you’ll see Jesus nearby.  His arms are spread wide, and His voice is soft and tender.  He’s saying, “Come to me!”  We all have failed at some point in our Christian life and we’ve succeeded in doing things God hated.  Failure isn’t falling down; failure is refusing to get up!! Whose reading these lines thinking, “I’ve tried, but just can’t live the Christian life?”  “I’ve tried to give up a secret sin, but continue to fail?”  Whatever your excuse for not trying to get to Christ isn’t good enough.  Try and try again.  If you fall, get up and try again.  I promise you; the Lord WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!  “What if I fail?” you wonder.  “What if you don’t?”  Don’t just try on your own, submit your life to Christ and let Him help you.

Pastor Carnes