“Reason For Optimism”

If you are reading this, that means your day is off to a GREAT start.  You’re alive, awake, looking for some spiritual encouragement, plus IT’S A BRAND NEW DAY!  And, a day the Lord has made!!  Not only that, but He has promised to be with you and never leave you.  No matter what!!  We’re supposed to get above 60 degrees here in Georgia today so all you Georgians look around.  What do you see?  It shouldn’t be difficult to see God’s presence, power and promises.


We received a lot of rain here this week following a series of really warm days last week.  You know what that means!  Yes, it’s only February but if you look closely you’ll spot flowers popping through the ground in various areas.  Several trees have already blossomed and have beautiful color and the dead, gray grass is showing signs of green in places.  The point is, God is reminding us through nature, He’s got everything under control.  The cold weather (even those of you where it’s REALLY cold) can’t stop God’s creation from coming back to life.  Some of you have been experiencing things that have bottled you up to the point you don’t know what to do.  Let me remind you – God is still in control and He is in charge of you and your circumstances. 



Straighten your shoulders, lift your eyes to the heavens, and stand tall.  This stretch of difficulty you’ve been trying to muddle through is about to end.  Your frustration will soon turn to hope, your anxiety to peace and your energy is about to return.  There’s reason to be optimistic because God is on His with you.   Life – real life and zeal is about to return and you’ll be filled with joy, confidence and praise to the Father.  Joshua was commanded to tell the people, “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you” (Josh. 3:5).  Here’s the good news – TODAY is yesterdays’ tomorrow, which means some of you can be optimistic as you put everything concerning your life in God’s hands.  He’ll handle everything much better than you anyway.  Walk by faith anticipating deliverance from some type bondage.  Expect healing.  Start thanking and praising God right now because your burden is about to be lifted.  You have lots and lots of reasons to be optimistic about this day!!


Pastor Carnes