“Realizing Your Powerlessness”:

There are many verses in scripture that grab our attention when we read them.  Most of us know how Samson succumbed to the wooing of Delilah and told her the secret of his supernatural strength.  If you haven’t read this story, you’ll find it in Judges chapters 13 – 16.  Once you start reading, you’ll want to finish these four short chapters. It’s worth 15 minutes of your time.  You may know that the secret of Samson’s strength was his hair.  So, what happens when his hair is shaved off?.


Samson was sound asleep with his head in Delilah’s lap.  Once his hair is shaved off, she cries, “The Philistines are upon us.”  Samson springs to his feet immediately and is ready to fight.  He had fought several people at once, even killing 1,000 people one day with the jawbone of a donkey.  He was aware of his superior strength and didn’t mind any opportunity to show it off.  Going toward the invading Philistines, we’re told, “But he did not know THAT THE LORD HAD LEFT HIM” (16:20).  Can you think of anything more horrible than to think the Lord is with you, BUT HE ISN’T?  It’s imperative you understand, God promises, “He’ll never leave us nor forsake us.”  That promise is true – God never walks away from us, but we have the choice of walking away from Him.  Samson was a Nazarite and committed to Nazarite vows.   He broke these vows, including having his hair cut.  He had now lost his power and wasn’t even aware of it.  Foolish pride makes us think we can do whatever we want and get away with it.  Not true!


We are in a sad situation when we wander, thinking we’re in God’s grace,  but because of sin have walked away from Him.  As you read, you’ll find Samson taken hostage, his eyes are gauged out, he’s bound with bronze shackles and grinding at a prison.  Later, he becomes a spectacle as the rulers of the Philistines gather to mock and ridicule Samson while they worship their pagan god Dagon.  Samson asks a servant to lead him beside the pillars that support the temple.  Time had passed since being taken prisoner and his hair had started to grow back.  With his arms outstretched and hands on the pillars he begged, “Sovereign Lord, remember me O God, please strengthen me JUST ONCE MORE …” (16:28).  With a strong push, the pillars fell, and the temple collapsed.  The Philistine rulers, plus 3,000 others, including Samson were killed.


Two things to remember: 1) When you start ignoring Godly things in your life like prayer, Bible reading, witnessing, going to church, etc, you will eventually become “cool” to the things of God.  When that happens, you may lose God’s power in your life and not even know it until it’s too late.  2) Samson wandered from God, but his Lord was only a prayer away.  When Samson reached out to God, the Lord didn’t shame him, yell at him, or say, “Tough luck.”  He heard Samson’s plea, just like He’ll hear yours when you call His name.  If you’ve strayed from God, you may look good, sound good, answer all the Biblical questions, but you’re powerless without Him.  Call upon Him today while you can and receive the spiritual strength you need to battle every enemy Satan throws in your pathway.


Pastor Carnes