“Ready To Step Up?”

We missed the privilege of actually seeing you in our Church services yesterday, but many of you were there for Rocky Joyner’s Bible lesson on the “Man Blind From Birth” and the Worship Service.  I’ve heard from a few of you and if you weren’t able to watch, you can always go to www.mariettanaz.co and see what you missed.   Before pushing the question above, lets focus a bit.  The man in John 9 was born blind.  Various reasons were given for his blindness including his own sin and/or the sins of his parents.  After his healing the man explained it this way, “All I know, is once I was blind and now I see!”  What a thrill this man must have enjoyed as he praised God and began serving Him.


There was only one answer for this man’s cure – Jesus!  There is only one cure for your and my sins – Jesus!  This pandemic is forcing us to do things we never thought we’d do.  I believe many are good things as people are turning back to the Bible and God.  A few things make me a little nervous as it concerns me some people might get lazy and not stay disciplined.  For example it would be very easy to say, “I’ll go back to church when the doors open, but watching Livestream doesn’t do much for me.”  Livestream is not a replacement for live worship, but for now, it’s the best we can do.  If you want Christ in your life and want someone to help and/or pray for you, please “reply” to this email.  If you are a Christian – it’s time to step up!


We love the fact God is a healer of sickness and disease.  That He forgives sin and when we mess up, He gives us another chance and another if needed.  But now is the time for you to become a spiritual servant to others.  Sunday’s message I mentioned several individuals that didn’t have things together in their life, but they did amazing things once surrendered to Christ.  You have no idea what you can accomplish for God’s glory unless you ask and then obey Him.  Here’s a possibility – learn to operate a Zoom meeting on your computer (ask a young person to assist if necessary).  Contact 3 or 4 people you’re comfortable with.  Have a friendly chat then discuss the possibility of having this kind of meeting weekly or bi-weekly for spiritual support.  Someone could share their favorite Bible story and then discuss it.  Consider inviting another 2 or 3 people to join and as you get comfortable continue to add individuals.  You are now teaching (sharing) the Word of God.  There is someone out there that’s hungry and needing spiritual nourishment – YOU can help them.  If you are interested in doing something like this, please email me back and I’ll give some pointers on how to proceed.  Nervous?  Afraid?  That’s normal – but pray about it.  Ask God to lay some people on your heart – you are “Ready To Step Up” and make a difference in someone’s life.  Email me and I’ll help you get started.


Pastor Carnes (see PS below)

PS: Our next PRAYER CONFERENCE CALL is this Wednesday (May 20th) at 7:00pm (ET).  Dial 717-275-8940 then Access code 9771467#.  I’ll be on the line a few minutes early to greet you.  If you get a busy signal or have a little trouble getting on, please keep trying.  It’s very beneficial to hear people pray for various needs knowing many are on the line supporting the prayers.  Send any prayer request to me by replying to this email.