Hi Everyone:

Notification was received yesterday that the truck load of Pumpkins is on the road.  They are scheduled to arrive in our parking lot by 6:00pm tomorrow night (Tuesday).  This will be one of our biggest loads ever (because we sold so many last year) so lots and lots of help is needed.  Working inside the truck is the most difficult and we like to put the young and strong in there, so if you can help us, we need you.  With lots of help we can do this in about an hour and then enjoy a hotdog or two with a beverage.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.  For some getting right at six may be difficult, just do your best and know you’ll be helping everyone when you arrive.


Let your friends and family know, the PATCH OPENS WEDNESDAY AT NOON.  It will be open every day following from Noon to 8:00pm.  We still have time slots for people to sign up for a work shift.  You can do that tomorrow night as well.  Have a wonderful day and I’ll be looking forward to working with and enjoying my time with you tomorrow night.  By the way – RAIN OR SHINE – THE TRUCK MUST BE UNLOADED.  If you have a wheelbarrow you can bring that will be helpful as well.