“Preparation Time”

How do you prepare for your day?  Are you a “shower first” person?  Do you grab a cup of coffee and Bible for devotions?  Are you so disciplined you get up early and go for a run or workout at a gym?  The thing is, we all have practices or routines we go through that help us prepare for each day.  From what we eat (or don’t eat) to which sock we put on first (right foot, left foot).  We all have a routine and there is a routine we have (or don’t have) for our daily spiritual walk.


Besides December 2nd, do you know what this Sunday is?  It’s the first Sunday of Advent.  Some churches focus on this more than others and to be honest, in my church we don’t always make a big deal out of it.  (That’s my fault and not anyone else).  I’m not saying that’s right, we just don’t always do it.   But, beginning this Sunday and the following three, we will take a few minutes in the service to focus on the purpose of Advent. 


Advent is a Latin word that means “coming.”  Some churches use this Season as a time to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s coming.  Some observe Advent as a Season of “prayer and fasting.”  Others look at it as a reminder of the Lord’s promise that He is coming again.  I don’t want to get all churchy or discuss theology with you.  What I would like for you to do is be in Church this Sunday and each Sunday thereafter through Christmas.  If possible, complete the celebration by attending a Christmas Eve Service. But that’s not all.  Make this the very best “spiritual” Christmas you’ve ever had.   Prepare your heart spiritually for Christmas by taking time each day (starting now) to read some verses from the Bible.  Look in Matthew, Luke and John.  Find some Old Testament prophecies as most Bibles have a heading above each chapter.  Read about the preparation of Christ’s coming and the birth of Jesus.  Luke chapter two is the most complete chapter on His birth.  Just as you have a routine to start each day, develop some habits, starting now, that will help prepare your heart for worshipping the birthday of Jesus, the Son of God.  As you do this, I believe you’ll also find it to be a great stress reducer.


If you don’t have a Church to attend, join us this Sunday (10:45) at the Marietta First Church of the Nazarene – 4341 Dallas Hwy in Marietta.  For those who can’t get out, join us on livestream at www.mariettanaz.com.  Follow the prompts.    


Pastor Carnes