Thank you for thinking of and praying for the following and their families:

Chuck Sayers… hand surgery tomorrow

Janice Pelfrey’s Father…in the CCU in a NC hospital.  A screen is being put in place to help prevent or keep blot clots from moving.  His blood pressure is good, but heart rate very low which may cause doctors to put in a pacemaker.  It was confirmed last week he has bladder cancer and the bladder must be removed.  Once all this is taken care of it will be determined whether he can return home or go to an assisted living complex.  Prayers needed.


Janice also has a neighbor whose son has a girlfriend that was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week.


Karen Grogan…recuperating from her leg surgery.  Will be bedridden for several more weeks.


Bob Kutas…was in church Sunday, but suffering from lots of pain.  Surgery in a few weeks to repair an aortic valve.


Ann Joyner…has follow up with doctor on Friday of this week.  Will find out what type treatment may be required following her recent surgery.


Sandee Chandler…has a cousin who passed away last week.  He and his wife Sheila recently moved to Arizona.  His wife and son are in a new area with no relatives or close friends.  Pray for Sheila and Cliff (son).


Jeannie Haines looked great and was in church Sunday.  Thank you for her birthday cards.  Continue to pray for her as she will be lonely when John returns to Kansas City.  Drop her a card or give her a phone call if you can’t make a personal visit.


Costa Rica Mission Trip… the date is soon approaching – June 30th.  Keep the Team and Pastor Joel in your prayers.


Thank you,

Pastor Carnes