Good Morning and Happy Friday!!

Please keep the Rocky Joyner family in your thoughts and prayers as the Memorial Service for his Aunt Edna will be held in Brunswick today at 1:00pm (in an earlier email it was mentioned the service would be Thursday, but it’s today).  Edna passed earlier this week after battling a lengthy illness and leaves a daughter Mauri.


Tim Pelfrey will be returning home soon following Memorial Services for his father in Indiana.  Continue to pray for him and his family.


Mary Nell Boling is doing remarkably well.  She and Mike have enjoyed wonderful times together throughout the week.  However, now that she is feeling better, Mike is prohibited  from visitation.


Kathy Christopher … was taken to the hospital last evening and is undergoing tests.  She was very dizzy throughout the day, but that has subsided this morning.  A diagnosis is not complete at this time.  Please pray for her and husband John.


Bob Kutas is in much need of prayer as he has been in lots of pain and of course is unable to go outdoors.  Remember Steve and Joan as well.  Pastor and Pam Clyburn, Pat Weyraugh, Heather Fletcher, Kathy Coleman and Hildreth Kenerly (now living in Assisted Living Home) all need our prayers as do a number of other folks.



ALL MEN are invited to join Len Empie for a Men’s Ministry Zoom meeting at 9:00am Saturday morning.  You can email Len directly at lenempie@comcast.com or go to our website at www.mariettanaz.com and sign up.  This is necessary so you get an invitation link to click on.


ALL LADIES are invited to join Ann Joyner at 10:00am Saturday for the first “Ladies Only” Zoom meeting.  You can go to the church website www.mariettanaz.com to sign up for an invitation link or contact Ann directly at lfjoyner@comcast.net.



Please join us this Sunday – I know sitting home watching a service is getting old and is not the same as attending a live service – BUT, stay disciplined and focused.  Get up and dressed just like you would for a regular Sunday service.  Have your Bible, pen and paper to take notes on the Sunday School lesson or sermon.  Rocky has a great Bible Study planned and the message tomorrow will close with a strong challenge to each and every one of us.  Invite your family and friends to tune in to these services.  You need these services!  See Schedule below:


9:45am – Bible Study taught by Rocky Joyner.  His topic is on “The Man Born Blind” from John 9:1-12, 34-41.


10:45am – Morning Worship Service with uplifting music and message on how we often see ourselves, “But What Does God See” when He looks at us?  Go to our website at www.mariettanaz.com for both of these services and look for Livestream.  Services can also be heard on your phone by dialing 717-275-8940 and then Access Code 9771467#.


PRAYER CONFERENCE CALL – dial in next Wednesday May 20th for our next Prayer Conference Call (same phone number as listed above – write down and keep handy).  Some individuals called in this past Wednesday night, but we did not do a call.  Join us this coming Wednesday and email me any prayer requests you’d like mentioned.  Invite your friends to join in.


Pastor Carnes