I pray this finds everyone safe and healthy.  These continue to be days of uncertainty and we must not be fearful, but very much aware of what is going on.  Please, please, please follow the recommendations of the CDC.  Wash your hands regularly, social distance from everyone outside your home, wash or sanitize your hands after touching something, don’t shake hands. Take a drink of water often and have tissues for sneezing and coughing.  We are in this thing together and WE ALL must work together for the health of ourselves and others.


Please pray for the following:

Heather Fletcher, Bob Kutas, Pastor Lowell Clyburn, Kathy Coleman, Ron Katis, Jo Williamson (and for Jo’s Mom who fell and is in a rehab facility in Illinois), Lyric Nichols, Ebony Nichols grandfather, Charelle DeBose (recuperating from a car accident), Diane Hill, Mary Nell Boling, Natalie Matthews, Beverly Frinkle, Caryl (Charlotte Stafford’s daughter) an Unspoken, and for the safety of our country, state and communities.  Pray for our President and those working with him to combat this virus. 


Pray for our church family and it’s very important you stay connected with others.  Now is the time to use your social media.  Call, text, email, facetime – anything to converse with another person.  Hearing the voice of another is encouragement.  Pray for our online services and invite your family and friends to tune in.  It’s important YOU take the time to tune in and be a part of our Sunday Bible Study teaching (9:45am) and Worship Service (10:45).  Stay faithful with you tithes and offerings.  For online giving go to our website – www.mariettanaz.com and click on “give”.  Follow the directions of the prompts – if you have difficulty, drop me an email and I’ll have someone contact you.  During these trying times, we have no idea how long these shutdowns will last.  If you are able, consider donation to our Benevolent Fund which assists those in need.  If you prefer, checks can be made out to the Marietta First Church of the Nazarene and mail to (church name) at 4341 Dallas Highway; Marietta, Ga 30064.


Hang in there.  You are stronger than you think and God is not allowing any of us to go through this alone.  He is with us and He will provide our needs.  He always has and always will.  Be smart – pray and stay connected to others.  Seek to see if anyone needs help, grocery or medicine pick up.  I have a certified teacher will to help any student (or their parents) in grades 1 – 5 with their online lessons.  Some parents may be unfamiliar with the resources being used – here is someone willing to coach you through the process.  Reply to this email if interested and contact information will be passed on.


Pastor Carnes