Annie Maude Kenerly … a previous email reported Annie Maude had a fall in her home fracturing her arm.  She also fell in her home early yesterday morning before going to the hospital for radiation treatment.  That fall didn’t seem to do any harm, however while at the hospital she had another fall which injured her ribs.  She was admitted to the hospital and has undergone a brain scan, MRI and possibly some other tests.  The findings of those test reveal her cancer is very aggressive and spreading.  A decision has been made no further treatments will be received as doctors feel they will not help.  They have also stated it will be easier to keep her comfortable without the treatments as they themselves create side effects.  The prognosis is, Annie Maude has a few weeks to live.  I spent time with her and Hildreth this morning and they are totally trusting God in this whole situation.  Annie Maude is comfortable, strong in her faith and if God wants to take her she is ready to go.  She stated how blessed she is to know her son Scott is in Heaven waiting for her.  It’s unknown how long Annie Maude will be in the hospital, but arrangements are being made for home Hospice Care which should be ready when she leaves the hospital.  We want to remember this special couple who is loved by all.  They are believing God makes no mistakes and both of their lives and future are completely in His hands.  Their son Greg (Memphis) is in route to Georgia and should be here around 4:00pm today.  Thank you for your love and prayers.


Jim Werner … had his hip replaced yesterday with things going very well.  He had a therapy session this morning after which he went home.


Charelle DeBose … was admitted to Nothside Hospital yesterday with