Please remember the following and their families in your prayers:

·       Most of our kids have returned to school today with others heading back soon.  Let’s all be praying for the children, teachers, administrators, custodians, bus drivers, student drivers, and all other school personnel.  Pray consistently for protection over and around all school campuses.  Let’s ask God to protect our students as well as adults going to and from school as well as while they are there.

·       Bob Kutas…has some painful swelling around an ankle which indicates a potential heart problem.  An echocardiogram was taken Monday to see if there is a problem with the new aortic valve that was recently put in.  The good news is, his blood pressure is up so he’s able to take pain meds which has lowered his pain level to the best in months.

·       Steve Aks…has examination this morning checking his heart blockages a couple months ago and received a good report.

·       Karen Grogan…leg healing to point where doctors are pleased and has hopefully turned a corner for the good.  If all goes well, she may be able to put some weight on her leg.  This is a big deal as she has not tried to stand or walk in months.

·       Linda Morris…continues to improve from her foot surgery.

·       Tem Frierson…still recovering from foot surgery, various tests on his brain from an injury and dealing with the loss of his son.

·       Doris Creasy…doing well after eye surgery Monday.

·       Ann Joyner…mid-way through her second week of radiation with four more weeks to go after this one.  So far so good, but she has been warned there could be some side effects starting to develop after week four.  We’re praying this won’t happen.

·       Katy Laine…was in a car accident  Monday morning with Emory and Essom.  They were all shook up, but no serious injuries.  She was not at fault and her car was banged up enough she is in a rental.  Pray this all works out well as the insurance of the other driver is involved.

·       Stephanie Hill…has been suffering from two herniated discs and received a back procedure including two epidural shots today.  She has been down for quite some time.

·       Janice Pelfrey’s father Ralph…having foot problems and recovering from bladder cancer surgery.  Future unknown regarding whether he can go back to his own home, an assisted living complex or come here to stay with Janice and Tim.

·       College Students as they will be heading out within the next few to several days to various campuses.

·       Keep Kathy Coleman, David Cauble’s mother, Diane Hill and Jeannie Haines in your thoughts and prayers.

·       Pray for our church and Sunday services – come join us.

·       Thank you for your time and prayers.


Pastor Carnes