Please pray for the following:

Annie Maude Kenerly … had an unfortunate fall in her home yesterday and suffered a fractured left arm.  She is home, but is now unable to walk with a walker as she cannot use her left hand for leverage.  Radiation treatments begin Monday along with chemo.  Treatments will continue until January 14th.


Jimmy Fulford … Mike Boling’s uncle.  Very ill and has returned to the hospital.


Jim Werner … having a hip replacement Tuesday of next week.


Clarice Deal … Scott Deal’s father.  Clarice is 83 years old, lives in Illinois and had a fall in his home a couple nights ago hitting his head.  He has been transferred to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis as he has a brain hemorrhage that has been stopped, but needs extra care should an emergency surgery develop.  Also be praying for Scott as he returns to a cancer specialist for a monitoring check up.


Joann Kutas … has a broken toe after dropping something on her foot.


Heather Fletcher, Bob Kutas, Mary Nell Boling, Diane Hill, Natalie Matthews and an unspoken request.


Sunday Services:

Join us for 9:30am Sunday School this week.  Come early for coffee, snacks and great fellowship before the classes begin.  Our first Christmas Service of the year will be at 10:45am.  You’ll enjoy the music