Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for others.  God has and IS doing tremendous things and we give Him praise for everything.


HEATHER FLETCHER… received amazing news this week, but also some clarification is necessary.  It is true her cancer level for a lymph node has shrunk from a 15.4 to a 3.4 which is only by God’s grace.  That area means the cancer is gone.  There are other areas of her body however, including the tumor, which measures 5 or more (indicating cancer). The good news however, is they have all been shrinking!!  She will continue her heavy chemo treatment and still needs our prayers.  But God has done marvelous things for Heather and I believe the best is yet to come!  Thank you for your continued prayers.


Lauren McConnville… a 14 year old girl (daughter of a friend of Valorie Coffey) is in Scottish Rite Hospital with surgery scheduled for tomorrow for swelling of her brain.


Paris Family…work associate of Sandra Branstetter.  This lady has an elderly grandfather they believe needs to enter an Assisted Living or Nursing Home.  This is never an easy thing to do.  The gentleman lost his wife last year and has reached a point where he cannot care for himself.


Janice Pelfrey’s father (Hospice) and young grandson’s hearing problem.


Scott Kenerly … chemo treatments have stopped.  Pray he will be comfortable and free of pain.


Jean Ewer’s…Brent’s mother who is improving, but at this time still in the hospital.  Pray also for safe traveling for Brent & Jo as they eventually drive home from Michigan.  Also that Jo can make the trip without more injury to her back.


Don Miller is still in a Florida Hospital with fluctuating blood pressure.  This has been difficult for doctors to get under control.


Beverly and Curt Frinkle… Chris Carnes’ mother and brother.  Mother pretty much home bound and sleeping most of time.  Also suffering from dementia.  Curt is extremely ill in Phoenix.  He needs a kidney transplant, but that doesn’t look to be anytime soon, if ever.  His health is failing day by day.


James Hill’s sister… Jerrylene, under Hospice Care and suffering from severe dementia with other physical problems developing.


Kathy Coleman, Natalie Matthews, Bob Kutas, Diane Hill and Mary Nell Boling.


So many people, with so many needs.  Thank you for your support.



For you ladies who are busy, which is about all of you, Megan Foco and Kierssis Moreno are trying to help you.  They are hosting the first PRE-MEAL PREP activity at the church this Saturday (24th) at 1:00pm.  Each lady will prepare meals for their own families which can be taken home and eaten or frozen for another time.  Megan and Kierssis will do the shopping for you.  You just show up, pay them and prepare the meals you desire.  If interested, it’s important you contact them right away for more information and/or to order what you want them to pick up (they already have menu’s set and each meal will feed up to six people).  Megan… mkuenker@gmail.com.  Kierssis… aobiomedical@gmail.com.


BAPTISMAL SERVICE THIS SUNDAY … If you are a Born Again Christian and wish to be baptized this Sunday, please contact me ASAP.  You can reply to this email.


Pastor Carnes