Please pray for the following and their loved ones:

Annie Maude Kennerly – is very weak and bedridden.  Thankfully does not have any pain and is relatively comfortable.


Bob Smallman – Grandfather of Meagan Huff.  Suffering from gallbladder cancer and receiving  chemo treatments once a week for six weeks.  Each treatment wears him out and he’s already in a weaken condition.


Heather Fletcher – receiving treatments once a month and also tires her out.  Doing her best to continue working.  Pray for her ministry online as she is being contacted by other cancer patients across the country.


Charelle & Samual DeBose – Charelle spent night in hospital last night with high blood pressure and strong contractions.  Came home today.  Samual, battling prostate cancer will have tests run January 14th.


DeeDee Frierson – will be having oral and neck surgery sometime this month.


Sue Lake – scheduled for A-fib surgery later this month.


Chuck Sayers – waiting on doctors approval for hernia surgery.


Continue praying for Bob Kutas, Diane Hill, Natalie Matthews, Mary Nell Boling and Beverly Frinkle.


Claudette – Shawnee Ulmer’s mother.  Recuperating at the Ulmer home in Marietta.  Received 3 hairline fractures to her spine in a fall after Christmas.  Having lots of pain and it’s unknown when she will be able to fly back to her home in California.


Charlotte Stafford’s daughter Carlee was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  There are follow tests coming.


Jimmy Garrett – James Hill, Sr nephew.  Underwent heart surgery yesterday to have found out he’s suffering from an infection and does not have a heart problem.  He will have adjustments to make to diet, exercise, medication etc, but overall this was a good report.


James Hill, Jr has a good friend in the hospital and doctors are trying to find out what’s making him sick.


Many people are suffering from the flu, bronchitis and some with pneumonia.  Let’s be faithful in praying for one another.


Devotional Problem Update:

Many people have not been receiving weekday devotionals.  I’m grateful they are missed, but wish I could tell you why.  Following an email this morning I heard from half a dozen or more people spread across the country stating they stopped receiving them about 3 weeks ago.  Then, the devotionals were found in their “junk” or “spam” box.  Each of these people stated they did the following and everything started working again.  They added my name Gerald Carnes and my email address gcarnes@mariettanaz.com to their contact list.  If you or someone you know is not receiving the devotionals and want too, check your spam or junk and try this.  A gentleman from Florida wrote and they aren’t showing up in his regular or spam box.  We checked the mass mailing list today and did not see any signs where anyone has been dropped.  We are doing our best to get everyone back on track, but I’m also open if anyone out there has something we should try.  Thank you for your patience.  Again, unless I hear from someone, we have no idea the devotionals are not being received.  I have been personally forwarding them to a large number of people individually.  Thanks for you patience and help in this matter.


Pastor Carnes


Pastor Carnes