Thank you for praying for the following individuals and their families:


Hildreth Kenerly – his family has returned home to Memphis.  He does have Robin (daughter-in-law and grandkids close by), but living alone following the passing of Annie Maude.


Heather Fletcher – has a very important doctor’s appointment tomorrow (Friday) finding out if she is eligible to receive radiation treatment.  There are parts of her body with cancer that only the radiation will treat.  The question is, has she received her limit of radiation in past treatments. 


Chuck Mason – brother-in-law of Doris & Scott Creasy.  Had chest pains Wednesday evening, was taken to hospital and having open heart surgery in the morning.


Pastor Lowell Clyburn – home from the hospital, but on oxygen and has be diagnosed with coronary artery disease.  He has also been battling bronchitis. 


Pam Clyburn – bronchitis (their daughter Gwen has been helping them)


Henry Osborne (Alabama) – Vicki Waldrep’s father.  Received some heart stents put in Wednesday morning.  Had an overnight stay in the hospital, but was scheduled to come home today.


Charlotte Stafford’s daughter Caryl – receiving chemotherapy treatments.


Larry Knight – personal friend of mine.  Still in Nashville Hospital following two surgeries and a procedure with a blood clot in his leg.


Jennifer – lives in Florida.  Suffers from a stomach, liver and upper intestines problems.


Shawnee Ulmer’s Mother – made it to CA without a problem.  Now getting her adjusted to a home where she can receive proper care.


Linda Pack – Kathy Searcy’s sister – lives in Blue Ridge.  Very ill.


Edna – Rocky Joyner’s Aunt, admitted to a Brunswick Hospital Wednesday.


Alexa Moreno – knee injury.


Bob Kutas, Diane Hill, Natalie Matthews, , Mary Nell Boling, Beverly Frinkle.


This is a loooong list.  Thank for taking the time to read these names and pray for people who truly need your prayers.


Pastor Carnes