Please pray for the following:

Karen Grogan…improving, but still a few more weeks required before trying to walk.

Bob Kutas…hanging in there, but can always use our prayers.

Joann Kutas…had a fall this week injuring her wrist.

Steve Aks…having some problems with heart.

Chuck Sayers…has had multiple tests run and waiting for results.

Ann Joyner…today was last day for radiation – PTL.  Pray this is the end of it.

Todd Logan…16 year old grandson who underwent surgery yesterday for a ruptured appendix.  Doctors also testing for Crohn’s Disease.  

Felix Sanez…undergoing heart tests.

Ian…grandson of the Sanez’.  Improving.

Rocky Joyner’s brother…lives in Tenn and recently diagnosed with cancer.

Matt & Dawn Smeltzer…Dawn recovering from an illness, Matt facing serious surgery in Nov.

Tem Frierson…for healing of his body.

Mary Nell Boling, Diane Hill & Jeanne Haines (unable to get out).

Church Services this Sunday.


Pastor Carnes