Please continue to pray for the following:

Bob Kutas is in very serious condition in Piedmont Hospital.  He needs a blood transfusion, but he is leaking blood at the present time and doctors are unsure where it’s coming from and where it is going.  Consequently, they have not been able to give him the transfusions or blood thinners to work on his blood clots.  The next twelve to fifteen hours are critical.


Pastor Clyburn is home, but is still very ill.  He’s on oxygen and his heart rate is very low.  He and Pam both need our prayers.


Heather Fletcher is worn out from her chemo treatments, but says she had a good week.  Keep her, Caryl (Charlotte Stafford’s daughter) and Bob Smallman in your prayers are all are receiving cemo treatments.


Steve Kerces’ back problems have improved to the point he’ll try to return to work on Monday.  Paul Georgiana is still suffering from a severe back injury and may even require surgery.  Larry Knight has returned home following two surgeries for a blot clot and a week of re-hab.


Kathy Coleman is in lots of pain with really bad sinus infection which will require surgery March 11th.


DeeDee Frierson is recuperating quite well from a disc replacement surgery in her neck.  She has been in much pain this week however because of her fibromyalgia.


Beverly Frinkle can use your prayers.


There is also a very serious UNSPOKEN request.


Thank you all very much for reading this list of people who are all in much need of prayer.  Your prayers are important and deeply appreciated.  There are more people and as they cross your mind, pray for them.  Remember – if someone is hurting or going through a difficult time, they have loved ones hurting as well.


Pastor Carnes