This week is rushing by fast but are three things we want to remind you of and ask for your participation.  First, our CONFERENCE PRAYER CALL will take place at 7:00pm (EST).  This is a  special time when a group of God’s people connect on the phone and pray for others.  There will be a long list of names we’ll be mentioning and praying for tonight.  This is a 35 minute or less call.  Please do your best to join us.  To get on the line DIAL: 3 1 2 – 6 2 6 – 6 7 9 9 then the ID 6 2 4 9 7 6 2 7 5 0 # with password 1 1 1 #.


9/11 Service this coming Saturday night at 7:00pm.  This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of horrible terrorists’ attacks on America that killed 2,997 people.  WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT TRAGIC EVENT!  Join us as we REMEMBER those who lost their lives, their families and the heroes that did everything possible trying to rescue as many people as possible from the burning inferno.  One of our speakers was a NYFD Chief at the time of this attack.  He and his crew were among the very FIRST RESPONDERS.  We will acknowledge any Fire Fighter, Law Enforcement Officer, Military personnel, those in the medical field and others who serve to keep us safe.  A video of the planes going into the towers will be shown, but for those who wish not to see, opportunity will be given to leave the Worship Center and return at its conclusion.  Childcare for children 5 years and under will be provided.  This service will be LIVESTREAMED.  Go to www.mariettanaz.com.



The morning following our 9/11 service, Chris and I will say good-bye to 52 years of Sr. Pastor Ministries.  It would be a pleasure having you come and celebrate this day with us.  There will be NO SUNDAY SCHOOL this week and we’ll be starting the service 30 minutes earlier than usual – 10:30am (rather than 11:00).  The service will be LIVESTREAMED, and a wonderful lunch will be held immediately following the service.  Same website as above.  We hope to see you Saturday night and Sunday morning.


Pastor Carnes