It was 8:46am (EST) nineteen years ago when the first of four planes, hijacked by terrorists flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.  Other planes hit the South Tower, Pentagon and crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pa.  Before the day was over 2,977 innocent people were killed.  All 19 terrorists also died bringing the death total to 2,996.  This was the deadliest single day on American soil and also the deadliest day in history for U.S. Firefighters.  Take time today to “Remember” and pray for the families still suffering from the effects of that horrible day and pray for the needs of our Nation today. 


In memory of that day our Church campus is lined with 50 American flags (representing each state) and a flag for every branch of our Military, plus the Public Safety flag representing our Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Medical personnel.  Pray for these brave people and their families who serve to protect us every day.  Pray over the unrest in our country today and that peace can and will be restored.



Tune in to Rocky Joyner’s Bible Class (LIVESTREAM ONLY – www.mariettanaz.com) at 9:30am.  His lesson will be a great one on “Not Just Rules” from Exodus 19:14-25.


11:00am Worship Service – In-person and Livestreamed.  Participate in some great music and enjoy the preaching of our Youth Pastor Matt Waldrep.



Kathy Coleman – home following a serious leg surgery.  Will be receiving PT at home with expectation of a long recovery (she broke her femur).  Please contact Janice Pelfrey if you are available to assist with meals (jkpel64@gmail.com).


Linda Morris – having foot surgery September 18th.


Pastor Lowell Clyburn, Bob Kutas, Heather Fletcher, and some Unspoken requests.


Dana Martin, Bethany Suggs, Levi (Maryse LaFleur’s young son) are all recuperating from surgery.


Pastor Carnes